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Unexpected Maui


Double Lines

It’s a long drive up to the summit of Haleakala National Park and with a 3am wake up call it’s not an easy one. But once you see the golden sun peek above the carpet of clouds atop Maui’s highest peak, it’s worth every second of lost sleep.

Seeing the sunrise atop Haleakala is just one example of taking the road less traveled on Maui. Hike to the stunning 400-foot Waimoku Falls in East Maui. Meet the locals at Maui’s small towns, from Wailuku to Makawao. Explore flower farms like the Kula Botanical Garden to see colorful protea, orchids and bird-of-paradise. On Maui there is a wealth of unique adventures to discover off the beaten path.

  • Farm to Table Maui

    Follow the farm to table process by touring the upland farms of Upcountry Maui then dine in the prestigious restaurants of west and south Maui.
    • Hawaii Regional Cuisine on Maui

      Hawaii Regional Cuisine inventively blends Maui’s freshest flavors with the cuisine of the world.
      • Historic Places of Maui

        From the demi-god Maui, lassoing the sun atop Haleakala, to the whaling era, Maui has a rich history that you can still explore today.
        • Hula on Maui

          See authentic hula throughout Maui at seasonal festivals, luau and live performances at hotels and resorts.
          • Lanai and Molokai Day Trips

            Lanai and Molokai are easily accessible from Maui, with inter-island ferries running daily from Lahaina Harbor.
            • Paniolo of Maui

              Paniolo are Hawaiian cowboys and their traditions continue to live on today in places like Makawao in Upcountry Maui.